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What is Yudi?

About Yudi Token

Arbitrage is simultaneously purchasing an asset in one market and instantly selling it in another market at a higher price, profiting from the temporary imbalance in prices with cryptocurrencies not an exemption.

We work every day to make the system more efficient by utilizing Deep Learning technology.

Our arbitrage platform uses Deep Learning technology that triggers an average of 1000+ arbitrage opportunities monthly.

All arbitrage trades will be traded automatically by our platform. No more stress observing the price movements for long hours.

When an arbitrage situation arises, our platform will trigger and do the rest to make a profit for you. Your daily profit statement will be sent to your account trading upon completion on a daily basis.

We work with:
  • localbitcoins
  • bitfinex
  • binance
  • bitflyer
  • bithumb
  • bitstamp
  • exmo
  • kraken
  • okcoin
  • poloniex
  • yobit
  • okex
  • hitbtc
Exchangers Spread Buy Sell
Okex Poloniex
0.29% 0.01567213 0.01562721 Join
Binance Bittrex
0.23% 0.03206900 0.03199672 Join
Kraken Okex
0.28% 0.01112400 0.01109366 Join
HitBTC Kraken
0.40% 0.03549900 0.03535900 Join

* Arbitrage Examples


Tokens Sale & Values

Yudi Token will launch its first token crowdsale (also known as an ICO) on August 2018.

Token Sale will start in

Token Sale Live Now

  • Soft Cap
  • |
92.60% target raised
1 XYD = 0.24 USD
Purchase Token

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  • Token sale will start on August 1st.
  • Total Token Supply: 80,000,000 XYD
  • Number of decimals place: 8
  • Acceptable currencies will be BTC only
  • Number of tokens for sale: 16,000,000 XYD (20%)
  • Whitepaper [ EN ]

Token Distribution & Affiliate

Join Yudi now and earn attractive bonuses by inviting and telling your friends about our lucrative arbitrage platform.

Token Distribution

The ICO token prices and allocations are set as follows:

Price Total
$0.12 8,000,000 XYD
$0.18 4,500,000 XYD
$0.24 2,500,000 XYD
$0.30 1,000,000 XYD
Token Distribution


Yudi offers a special bonus to its members via an ICO referral program. The system will allow members to invite other potential investors and earn income from commissions.


Staking Program

Our Staking program proposes two main categories of contracts: short-term and full benefits.
They offer different types of benefits and durations.

* All benefits from staking will be paid in BTC.

Stake Amount Daily Bonus Monthly Interest Stake Period
500 XYD - 2,000 XYD 0.00% 5.00% 120 days
2,500 XYD - 5,000 XYD 0.15% 7.00% 80 days
5,500 XYD - 10,000 XYD 0.25% 10.00% 70 days
>= 10,500 XYD 0.30% 20.00% 45 days

* Example
1 BTC = $10,000 , 1 XYD = $0.30 - You will get profit in BTC

Stake Amount Daily Bonus Monthly Interest Total Profit in XYD Profit in USD Profit in BTC
500 XYD 0.00% 5% 5.00% 25 $7.50 0.00075000
2,500 XYD 0.15% (4.5% per month) 7% 11.50% 287.5 $86.25 0.00862500
5,500 XYD 0.25% (7.5% per month) 10% 17.50% 962.5 $288.75 0.02887500
10,500 XYD 0.30% (9% per month) 20% 29.00% 3045 $913.50 0.09135000

Implementation Sheet

This is the timeline of future plans and implementations that Yudi will effectuate within this year 2018.

June 2018
Crypto Arbitrage
Platform Idea
July 2018
Technical & platform development
August 2018
Yudi Token
token sale
Live Now
October 2018
Launch arbitrage platform and make profit
November 2018
Launch API for
December 2018
Merry Christmas and happy new year (Holiday)
January 2018
iOS & Android
apps launch
Token Distribution

Token Allocations and Details

The sales generated from the ICO will be used to help fund the additional expenses undertaken by the founding and development team prior to the complete launch of Yudi token. It will also be used to fund other future larger projects that will be implemented to make Yudi token much more sustainable and lucrative.



XYD is an ERC20 token launched in the Ethereum network. It will remain active, transferable, and tradeable as a cryptocurrency token as long as the Ethereum network exists.

Symbol: XYD

Initial Value: $0.12 USD

Type: Smart Contract (ERC20)


Advisors in the platform

John Van der Vos
Nancy Boisvert
Randall Crowder
Michael Creadon
LiLun Lee
Marek Lorinc
Sally Eaves

Creative Team

Yudi Didi
Tran Van Thong
Full Stack Developer
W Zi Chao
Heng Veatiny
Blockchain Developer
Kim Seang Ou
General Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a compilation of commonly asked questions that you may also have in mind regarding Yudi token. If you have any other further questions and queries, feel free to contact our admins and support in our official Telegram community chat:

First, let’s seek to understand what arbitrage is and the applications. Arbitrage is the term which

explains the phenomenon when an investor buys an asset and then quickly sells the particular asset so as to benefit from a change in price. While this definition might not do justice to the topic, an example will suffice.
Your wallet is not related directly to your name or surname. But all transactions can be viewed by any person. So, if you write your wallet address on social network, anybody can see all your transactions. If you don’t, your wallet can be called an almost anonymous wallet and you can use XYD anonymously.
Hong Kong
you can join our Telegram Community group
Our Platform will be launched a few days after the end of the ICO. Users will experience a brand new way to buy and sell their tokens, where dumping will be prevented and a fair prize will be guaranteed within a given time window.
The public Token Sale is set to be August 1st-August 31st.
No , XYD create total supply only 80,000,000 XYD
You can either invest your XYD in arbitrage trading, or stake your coins in your wallet. In both cases, your XYD gives you a passive income.
Fiat money is currency that a government has declared to be legal tender, but it is not backed by a physical commodity. The value of fiat money is derived from the relationship between supply and demand rather than the value of the material that the money is made of. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currencies, alternative currencies and virtual currencies.
Our Staking program proposes two main categories of contracts: short-term and full benefits. They offer different types of benefits and durations.

A contract can be activated from the section of the dashboard, using XYD tokens . We remind that the XYD currency is equivalent to $0.30 and that is a currency used in our platform to accumulate interests, referral bonuses and capital releases, and that can be directly converted to XYD tokens or used to open a new contract.

Each contract is defined by a start date, an end date, and it receives a daily percentage of interests calculated on the amount in XYD at the start date of the contract.

We offer additional options such as pure reinvest and token bonus to increase the profit of the contract. Additional details can be found in the Staking section of the dashboard and in our whitepaper.
Yes, XYD gives users access to the Arbitao platform, which allows them to benefit from automated arbitrage trading profits. The coin will also be used as a reward for participation in cloud computing.
If you want to invest a part of your portfolio into arbitrage trading, XYD lets you become a member of trading pools, which allow for more profitable trades compared to what you would be able to make on your own.
You can participate in our Initial Coin Offering (ICO). After that, you will be able to buy XYD on our internal exchange, and on external exchanges as soon as listing is conducted.
October 2018 , tokens will be listed to exchanges and you can freely trade them with others.